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How to Use Law of Attraction – Learn How This Process Exactly Works

How to Use Law of Attraction – Learn How This Process Exactly Works

The first step in using Law of Attraction your life is to learn how it works and how a thought hold on to your mind will, one or by other way, take its form in the outer world. One thing, you must know for sure, that you already possess the greatest gift given by God and no one in this world except you have full control over it and that gift is “Your Mind”. You can do or have whatever you want by the power of your Mind.

1. Mind and its connection with the Infinite Intelligence

Our mind is divided into two parts – The Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind. It is in the harmony between these two parts that determines our success in manifesting the Law of Attraction.

a>The Conscious Mind: We are related to world outside by the Conscious Mind. It consists of our five senses and responds to sensation of light, heat, odour, sound and taste. It is with help of Conscious Mind that we can pass a goal or a dream to the Subconscious mind so that the goal or dream can manifest in the outer world.

b>The Subconscious Mind : We are related to the world inside by the Subconscious Mind. It is the subconscious mind which is connected to the Infinite Intelligence. Any idea held into the Subconscious mind gets transmitted to the Infinite Intelligence (or God) and since the Infinite Intelligence is all time powerful, all intelligent and all present, this transmitted idea starts taking its equivalent form in the real, outer world.

2. How to trigger the Law of Attraction by Mind

So, how do we use our powerful mind to trigger the Law of Attraction and get what we want? The answer is by the process of Visualization and Auto-suggestion.

a>Visualization is the process in which we close our eyes and feel as if we have already achieved our dreams and goals. Write down exactly what your goals are. Now take out ten minutes daily and feel and visualize that you have already achieved your goals and dreams. Make sure you visualize with full joy and enthusiasm and mix your feelings with your goals. Law of Attraction is not going to work if you don’t mix your feelings and emotions during Visualization.

b>Auto-suggestion is the process by which you repeat a particular statement to yourself until it gets embedded in your subconscious mind and you start believing it as real. For example, your aim is to earn $50,000 next year then, your Auto-suggestion will be “I am so happy and grateful now that by next year, I am having in my possession $50, 000 “. Write down this statement in a piece of paper and every day, just before sleeping at night and just after getting up in the morning, repeat this statement out loud with strong passion and enthusiasm. Again it is important that you mix emotions during Auto-suggestion.

Initially, you will be highly uncomfortable while performing Auto-suggestion and Visualization. But this discomfort indicates that you are on the right track.

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